Light Up Guides & Heated Plow Lights Help Get ‘Er Done!

Buyers Products has the perfect combination of snow plow accessories to really help you improve visibility and efficiency: SnowDogg Illuminated LED Plow Guides and Heated LED Plow Lights.

Will Fries presents SnowDogg Illuminated Guides & Heated Plow Lights

Both of these Buyers Products are easy to install so you can be up and running with more light than ever in minutes. The LED guides are compatible with most snow plows and bumpers and only require a few basic tools for wiring and routing the cables. The wire harness is 12 feet per side with a pre-terminated male bullet connector and ring terminal to connect to the guides. The SnowDogg Illuminator LED Plow Lights work with all SnowDogg plows and plug right into the factory standard wiring harness, making it a simple add-on.

SnowDogg Illuminator Plow Lights & Guides from Buyers Products
SnowDogg Illuminator Plow Lights & Guides from Buyers Products

Buyers Products Illuminated LED Plow Guides

Buyers Illuminated Snow Plow GuidesWhether you need to see your snow plow edges or your truck bumper in low light situations, the Buyers Products patented Illuminated LED Guides make it much easier. These babies give you superior control over your snow removal equipment with their fluorescent orange color that glows bright whether it’s the dead of the night or during a blizzard. In addition, their eye-catching look and distinctive glow help your trucks stand out from the competition.

SnowDogg Illuminator LED Plow Lights

SnowDogg Illuminator Heated LED Plow LightsThe Illuminators from SnowDogg will light up your path like you’ve never seen before! They are twice as bright as standard halogen snow plow lights at half the power consumption and they have and active defrosting technology to keep them from getting iced up. In fact, the whole lens of the Illuminator snow plow lights is heated evenly to prevent banding and streaking, which is common in most heated LED lights. They use long lasting LED bulbs that can go for years without being replaced.

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