Add the KAGE System to Your Snow Equipment Arsenal

The KAGE Snowfire Snow Plow Box System is a 2-in-1 plowing system that switches between angle plowing, back dragging, and pushing the snow in a snap!

March 15, 2023 | Emma Tyborski

The KAGE Interchangeable Plow/Pusher System is a specialized equipment used for snow removal. It is a system that consists of a plow and a pusher box that can be easily interchanged to adapt to different snow removal needs. The KAGE Snowfire Snow Plow Box System has a heavy duty design that simply involves lifting up the box plow section so it fits over the snow plow to make it a pusher instead. It’s fast, easy and doesn’t require any pins, bolts, or hinges. It also doesn’t have any wires or hydraulics that can break or get jammed. The system is designed to be mounted on a variety of vehicles, including skid steers, compact tractors, and wheel loaders.

The KAGE system reduces plowing frustrations and hassles. Snow plow drivers can windrow or backdrag with the plow normally, then grab the SNOWKAGE box with their skid steer or compact wheel loader to push out their snow piles and windrows. Then they can go back to plowing in a snap after putting the SNOWKAGE box back down, all without leaving the cab.

Reduce Plowing Times By 25-50 Percent

Even though you will be able to plow areas faster, you won’t compromise the quality. The cutting edge and trip edge of your plow still works as you would expect it to with the KAGE box attached. You will always be scraping down to the surface in each pass. The shoes of the SNOWKAGE won’t hinder your scraping ability.

You can even continue to use the angle function of your plow when you are pushing. This gives you a huge advantage over most snow pushers because you can maneuver corners and turns without losing half your snow load!

The KAGE system is a beast during snow stacking and clean up too. It can stack snow higher and faster than a traditional pusher or bucket because it you will have more reach and you don’t have to dump. With the versatility of quickly adding or removing the box just by picking it up or setting it down, clean up is easy! It doesn’t matter whether it’s heavy snow, large open areas, or curb clean up details – the SNOWKAGE gives you seamless flexibility!

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