J.W. Speaker Bringing the HEAT to LED

Jason Speaker, a Senior Sales Manager for J.W. Speaker, talks to Snow Plow News about their new LED technologies developed specifically for the snowplow market.

July 12, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

J.W. Speaker is a LED lighting manufacturer based in Germantown, Wisconsin and they have a lot of new technologies that have been developed specifically for the snowplow market.

J.W. Speaker works with a number of OEM snowplow manufacturers that were having a problem with plows lights being covered with snow and ice and drivers were having to get out of the vehicle more often that they would like in a snowstorm to clear off the light. This problem causes a huge safety issue, because drivers want to pull off somewhere safe to clear off their lights and that isn’t always an easy task. The problem the manufacturers brought up lead to J.W. Speakers LED technology to give a nice bright white light to provide drivers with visibility, provide non-stop productivity and to melt snow and ice efficiently.

If you are looking to compare LEDs to halogen bulbs, halogen bulbs give off 90 percent heat verses 10 percent light, LEDs are the opposite. Drivers want to try to get as much heat to the front of the outer lens, so snow and ice melts in an efficient manner. J.W. Speaker has developed a proprietary SmartHeat technology to help advance that cause and a new design to make sure the snow and ice gets off the plow light as quickly as possible.


SmartHeat® heated LED headlights, taillights and work lights include a patented thermally conductive grid system that adjusts automatically to temperature changes to de-ice the lens twice as fast as other lights — making them safer and the best LED headlights and tail lights on the road.

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To learn more about J.W. Speaker and to find a dealer, visit jwspeaker.com.

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