Introducing The BuzzBox: A Large Capacity Commercial Salt Spreader & Multipurpose Tool


The Swiss Army Knife is a well-built, thoughtfully engineered multipurpose tool. Everyone’s heard of it because it’s so handy to have around. BuzzBox is the Swiss Army Knife of the snow and ice removal industry. The good folks at BuzzBox USA have developed a tool that has the potential to revolutionize your business and make you more productive, more efficient, and above all more profitable. BuzzBox is more than a heavy-duty, commercial sand and salt spreader. BuzzBox is a year-round multipurpose tool designed to handle all your heavy jobs. When your truck is outfitted with BuzzBox, there’s no downtime. It works just as effectively as a dump-box, chipper, shredder, leaf and debris vac, as it does sand and salt spreader.

Year-Round Versatility

Mike Stevens (Snow Plow News) interviewed owner Josiah Niemela and got an introduction to the BuzzBox. What makes BuzzBox so impressive is that it performs so many tasks, has year-round versatility, and is priced comparably with other high-end, truckbed salt spreaders. It’s not just a salt spreader though, so you won’t have to store it in the off-season. How many times have you needed a tool you don’t have? With BuzzBox, you’ll be able to tackle new jobs after the winter snows have melted away without having to purchase additional tools.

BuzzBox Featuresmain-top

1) Year-Round Versatility
2) Short and Long Box Sizes
3) Mild or Stainless Steel
4) Universal Vehicle Mount
5) ¾ Ton Vehicles & Above
6) Multiple Work Attachments
7) Live Bed/Power Buckhead
8) 1.7 to 4.5 Cubic Yard Capacity

Heavy-Duty Tools For Heavy-Duty Work

Tools are important in every business. The snow removal industry is especially hard on equipment. When weather hits, you need to know your tools are up to the job. Downtime costs money. The more time you spend operational, the more work gets done. The snow and ice removal industry is fortunate to have some of the finest manufacturers including: BOSS, Sno-Way, Western, Meyer, Fisher, Hiniker, SnowEx, Blizzard and more. They build high quality equipment designed to work hard. The manufacturers at BuzzBox USA are intent on joining the ranks. The initial product offering makes a pretty good case for their goal of becoming an industry mainstay. Make no mistake, though, these guys aren’t rookies. They’ve been around the industry for awhile.

The BuzzBox Salt Spreader & Material Handler

Is it time for an equipment upgrade? Maybe you’ve got a spreader that’s ready to retire? Whether you’re new to the snow removal and de-icing biz or an old pro, the BuzzBox is ready for work and engineered to be long-lasting.

BuzzBox is equipped with a power bulk-head that keeps bag or bulk de-icing material moving toward the tailgate hopper. A heavy-duty motor distributes material at a rate you determine with easy-to-use, dual cab and tailgate controls. Caster jack legs allow for E-Z installation or storage. You’ll also be pleased with the accessories available for the BuzzBox.

It’s always fun to visit with manufacturers of innovative products, try out new tools, and put ’em to the test. This is one multipurpose tool that is sure to become an industry favorite.

For more information, visit BuzzBoxUSA or Call 906-353-6200.


Brent Jarvis for SnowPlowNews