Interchangeable Earthway Flex-Select Salt Spreaders

EarthWay Flex-Select Spreaders are ideal for all broadcast spreading jobs and especially effective for snow and ice management. Check out the details today!

April 18, 2022 | Dawn Krueger

Since 1965 EarthWay has been a family-owned and operated trusted salt spreader manufacturer. They make both commercial and professional grade spreaders. Their Flex-Select spreaders are very interesting because they have an interchangeable tray insert that allows for one spreader to handle multiple products.

EarthWay’s Flex-Select spreaders are ideal for all broadcast spreading jobs, plus they are manufactured with either a single-tube “Diamond Design” commercial stainless steel chassis or a powder coat chassis. Customers can also choose between their commercial grade height adjustable t-bar handle or a professional shaped handle with an ergonomic grip. In addition, the Flex-Select Spreader can come with either knobby tires or turf tires depending on your application needs.

There are several optional items available for the Flex-Select spreader such as :

  • Optional Standard-Output PRO, High-Output or Low-Output Trays
  • Optional 3-Sided Deflector
  • Optional Left Side Deflector
  • Optional Rain Cover
  • Converts to a towable spreader with an optional kit

The Flex-Select speader by EarthWay has been on the market for over five years now and has been found to be a very effective, durable and flexible tool for snow and ice management contractors. Check it out today!

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