How Neoweather Answers Important Questions for Contractors

Snow Plow News talks with Neoweather Meteorologist, Brian Ivey about where and when contractors can get the most accurate weather forecasts. 

January 18, 2023 | Emma Tyborski

Snow contractors want to know “how much snow are we getting and when?” But this is a tough question to answer without the right tools and team. So how do contractors answer these questions? It all starts with a reliable and detailed weather forecast.

Meteorologists look at trends in the weather to help predict the future weather. Trends such as El Niño and La Niña are climate patterns in the Pacific Ocean that can affect weather worldwide. Once meteorologists determine these trends it is easier for them to see if they correlate to an above average snowfall or below average cold. However it is important to consider how far out from snow and ice season you are receiving this information. Specific information about snowfall can only come a few months before Winter, between September and October. Any information before this time frame should be taken lightly because it will be general trends.

The next question is “where to get the most accurate and detailed weather forecast?” Industry professionals say TV forecasts and handy weather apps on your phone are not good enough to provide accurate weather information. Weather apps rely on one piece of computer data without any human meteorologist to quality control. As the model changes so does the app forecast. TV forecasts are notorious for being general across a large coverage area. They are geared towards the general public and not for the snow removal industry.

Snow contractors need a weather service because of how important it is to make the best possible decisions based upon the weather. A weather service provider has a team of meteorologists looking out for your specific locations and impact to your operation. Neoweather is a private forecasting service that provides custom forecasts and reporting that focuses specifically on the snow and ice management industry. They also focus specifically on your service areas, not just on large metropolitan markets.

There are many new apps that hit the market every year, but a team of trained forecasters beats any digital non-human program when it comes to pin-point accuracy. Get ahead of your competition and save time and money by working with a private weather forecaster.

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