How Fisher V Plows Stand Out from the Crowd

At the 2020 NTEA Work Truck Show, we talked with Steve Marsh at Fisher Engineering to find out what he thinks are the main advantages of using a Fisher V Plow, especially the new EZ-V. See what he had to say below.

Fisher offers their XV2 v-plow in a variety of sizes, both in a mild and stainless steel material starting at 7-1/2′ width up to 10-1/2′ width for class 6 trucks. The EZ-V v-plow comes in the 7-1/2′ size, but it has wings that stretch from a 27″ center height up to 33″ at the outer edge giving it incredible height.

Steve also says they have an industry-leading trip edge that works properly whether the plow is configured to be a v-plow, scoop, or straight edge. Lastly, Steve really likes the Minute Mount 2 all mechanical mounting system that doesn’t rely on the plow’s electrical or hydraulic system to mount the plow to the truck. It allows operators to easily hook-up the plow without tools or electrical switches that can fail and waste time and money. Steve says, “This leads to reliable mounting time after time, year after year.”

Fisher EZ-V v-plow
Fisher EZ-V v-plow

The Fisher EZ-V v-plow has a durable but lightweight design making it a good solution for half-ton trucks. It’s made from high-strength, low alloy steel which makes it stronger and lighter than conventional steel. It also has a center snow control deflector that prevents snow from going over the top of the blade in the middle of the plow at all positions.

If you’d like more information about any of the Fisher V-Plows, just contact them today!