Holistic Fords of the Future – Are You on Board?

Snow Plow News talks with Raj Sarkar from the Product Marketing and Strategy department at Ford Pro about how Ford is taking a holistic approach to solutions, providing customers with the tools they need.

August 9, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Snow Plow News talks with Raj Sarkar from the Product Marketing and Strategy department at Ford Pro. Ford Pro is the commercial focused division at Ford. Sarkar details how Ford is focusing on interconnecting solutions to equip customers with the tools needed to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively.

Ford continues to prioritize their snowplow prep package offerings and has focused on what the customers need in order to have the best plow vehicles. The Ford Super Duties are a clear favorite among customers and in that space, Ford has built up a reputation for leading due to the serious engineering work behind the specific requirements for plow customers.

Looking at Fords current model lineup, they are still focused on offering the broadest range of gas, diesel and now electrified solutions for commercial customers. On the Super Duty trucks, Ford allows customers to tailor the solution to their needs. The majority of plow customers are moving into the Super Duty space because they want the additional capability; the higher capacity alternators and the setups that can support the larger plows and equipment they want to be utilizing.

Ford Pro is focused on offering a great lineup of vehicles, but also then focusing on software and solutions that can help business owners run their businesses and manage their fleets more effectively. They are doing a lot of work on the service front including mobile service, which is now being rolled out and brings the service to your location whether it’s at your home or your depot.

Ford Pro is trying to reduce downtime that can impact the bottom line and then rolling out finance solutions to increase the accessibility of products and solutions to their customers. Then for electrified products, Ford Pro is rolling out charging and providing a full suite of solutions in the charging space as well. The idea is with the holistic ecosystem, Ford is going to help address the biggest pain points that small business customers, as well as larger business customers face and that’s all about how to increase productivity, lower total cost of ownership and enhance uptime. You need your trucks ready to go when the storm hits, you don’t want to have trucks down at the wrong time, so those types of elements are really key.

To learn more about Ford and Ford Pro, visit fordpro.com.

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