Hilltip is Now Made in America!

Snow Plow News talks with Craig Sandman from Hilltip Corporation about their new home base in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

May 9, 2023 | Emma Tyborski

Hilltip Corporation is a Finnish based company, but starting in 2023 Hilltip’s new home base will be in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Hilltip’s goal has always been to build their products in the markets they serve. With a supply chain within the North American market, Hilltip can really achieve their goals for growth.

Hilltip settled on the Fort Wayne base because of where it is geographically. The new Hilltip base is 700 miles to the East Coast, 700 miles to Minneapolis and five hours to Toronto, so Hilltip is servicing a very large portion of the North American population demographic from their location in Indiana. With this new location, Hilltip’s shipping costs are greatly reduced, lead times are also reduced and there are lower overhead operating costs. A large portion of Hilltip’s supply chain is also located in Greater Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan areas.  Fort Wayne also has the designation of an inland port and Hilltip is a company that does a lot of importing, so it’s great synergy for Hilltip.

To learn more about Hilltip and their products, visit hilltipna.com.

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