Henderson Brine Extreme Reviewed

The Brine Extreme Product Line

Mike Stevens of Snow Plow News talks to Clay Hildreth of Henderson Products about their Brine Extreme Product Line.

Brine is becoming more and more of a buzz in the snow and ice removal industry as using brine can reduce rock salt usage by as much as 30% while at the same time having a faster and fuller impact on treated areas. That is a huge savings, but it takes equipment to make the brine to apply on the roads.

Henderson’s Brine Solution

Henderson is proud of their Brine Extreme product line to make brine quicker, with less labor, and with less need for brine tanks. The machine can also load three trucks at the same time, has an operating range of 20-400 GPM, and is designed to take up to 4 additives and 3 micro-ingredients to mix into a brine solution.

Henderson has done a lot to figure out how to get debris to discharge out of the machine automatically. Rock salt can contain as much as 5% non-dissolving debris That debris must be cleaned out manually in most brine manufacturing machines, costing time and money. The Brine Extreme cleans itself while it is running, no down time, no employee labor, just more brine going where you need it.

High Tech for High Value

The Brine Extreme units are high tech as well. The units have automatic salinity controls, creating the correct concentration without forcing your employees to do the math. The Brine Extreme units can be controlled remotely via LAN, WiFi, or even cellular technology and allow you to precisely make your brine solution to a certain spec not to mention the machines can keep track of what was produced for documentation purposes.

There are several models in the Brine Extreme line including a portable unit available for using at satellite locations allowing you to make brine on the fly.

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