Heavy Duty Skids for Snow Blowers and Snow Pushers

In the video, Will Fries at Xtreme Fab takes a look at heavy-duty wear skids for snow throwers and box plows.

Wear parts are often a pain in the tail side for snow contractors, especially when the wear part was cheaply made in the first place.  With a snow plow, you at least have options for replacement cutting edges.  You can choose from a few different materials and often have a choice between OEM cutting edges or a replacement parts supplier.

ARMORskid replacement wear skid for snow throwers and box plows

Yet, wear skids (or shoe) on snow throwers remain a pain in the tail side because the OEMs usually use cheap skids from the cheapest supplier, and if you look for an alternate skid, they are usually just as cheap, if not cheaper than the OEMs’ skids.

The folks http://snowblowerskids.com/ had the same frustration, and after another broken skid on a snow thrower, the founder decided to cut and weld his own skid and after a few revisions, ARMORskids was born.

American made with American steal, these aren’t fancy wear parts, but just one look at the thickness of steal will tell you these wear skids are going to last.

They are made of heavy-duty steel welded together with an angled rise to float over rough surfaces.  ARMORskids have several different options to fit different hole patterns on a variety of models of both snow throwers and box plows.

If you are frustrated by the skids, you may want to check them out.

An OEM skid is at the top, an ARMORskid is on the bottom
An OEM skid is at the top, an ARMORskid is on the bottom