Great Features of Fisher Plows

Dealers talk to Snow Plow News about what features make the Fisher plows really great and one of their top plow picks.

April 11, 2023 | Dawn Krueger

Snow Plow News met up with Eric Flores of Push-N-Pull in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Fisher snowplows booth. Eric has been an official Fisher dealer since 2008.  Snow Plow News interviewed Eric about what he likes about Fisher plows. Keep reading to see what he had to say, or watch the video at the bottom of this page for the full interview.

What Dealers Love About Fisher Plows

Eric likes Fisher snowplows for larger applications and for municipalities. He feels Fisher gives Class 8 trucks the robust option needed for powering through heavy snow. His personal favorite is the stainless steel HDX straight blade plow with its pivoting A-frame that gives it a cleaner scrape.

Trip Edge vs. Full Trip

All Fisher plows are trip edge. Eric prefers that over the full trip because he thinks “the trip edge plow is a lot less violent than the full trip.” He also feels that the springs last longer on a trip edge plow since they have time to rest and aren’t always being expanded. He says contractors don’t need to replace trip edge springs as often as full trip springs need replacing.

Fisher EZ-V v-plow

Universal Features of Fisher Snowplows

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Powerful & Durable Headlamps

“Intesifire” headlamps are available in both LED and Dual-Halogen options with maximum light output and heated lenses.

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Fast Mounting System

Fisher’s “Minute Mount 2” mechanical system for plow mounting doesn’t require tools or electrical switches that might fail.

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Reliable Chain Lift Design

The chain lift design is more reliable than a direct lift system. It also provides floating for a cleaner scrape and higher snow stacking capability.

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Interchangeable Electrical Controller

The “Fleet Flex” electrical system lets contractors use the same controller on different Fisher plows for true fleet interchangeability.

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Ultra Secure Anti-Theft System

The “Security Guard” anti-theft system is exclusive to Fisher. It gives contractors an electronic locking system whenever the plow isn’t attached to a truck.

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Two Universal Controller Options

Fisher has two options for their plow controllers: a handheld push-button controller or a dash-mounted joystick controller. Both have an automatic shut off, backlit buttons, LED lights to indicate “power” and “float”, and programmable options for things like soft stopping, one-touch float, security, and more.

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Plug and Play Electrical Connections

An isolation module under the hood of the truck transfers lights from the vehicle to the plow automatically.

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Pre-Punched Blade for Accessories

Fisher pre-punches their snowplow blades for easy installation of accessories and to prevent damage to the powder coat.

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