Gravely Pro-QXT Product Review

Gravely Pro-QXT with Brush Attachment removing snow

Gravely Pro-QXT for Winter and Year-Round Use

The Gravely Pro-QXT is the ultimate year-round machine for your snow removal arsenal.  With a brush, blade, and snow thrower attachment, it is ready for any snow, from dustings to blizzards.  The Pro-QXT is truly a commercial machine, able to take the rigors of a hard day’s work, day in and day out throughout the year.

We had a chance to talk to Trae Humphreys, product manager for the Gravely line, who shared his opinion of why he loves this tractor.  Let’s break down what is so great about the Pro-QXT, hear why Humphreys loves this tractor, and find out why we love this tractor so much too.

Easiest Attachment Swapping

The beauty of the Pro-QXT is the large number of different attachments make the machine versatile for year-round use, but with most multi-function tractors, going to the next attachment is a huge pain in your tail side.  This Gravely tractor was designed to have the easiest attachment swapping in its class.

To hook-up a new attachment, it is as easy as getting the attachment coupling within 6 inches of the tractor hookup.  The attachment is self-aligning and almost attaches itself.  That is great news for snow guys, and really, it was the snow removal teams that inspired the Gravely team to make such an easy attachment.

Humphreys told us, “We were challenged by one of the company’s regional sales managers to make the system easy to use by one person, in a dimly-lit area, wearing heavy winter gloves, in frigid temperatures, toward the end of working an 18-hour shift.”  While the team initially laughed at the suggestion, they surprised themselves with meeting that goal and that is how the tractor earned its name, the letters QXT stand for quick-attach.

The fast attachment swapping is great news, because you can swap attachments on the fly during a big snow event.  You can start with the brush attachment when the snow starts, move to the blade or the snow thrower when heavy accumulation is found, and go back to the brush for a final cleaning when everything is done.

Easy to Use Large Tractor

The literature says the Pro-QXT has “intuitive power steering” and a “Rapid Control System,” but we find those words really don’t tell the story.  What the hydrostatic drive and Rapid Control System do is make the big, powerful tractor move along the pavement about as easily as the operator could move an almost empty wheel barrow.

What happens is the handgrips sense hand movement and send information to the machine, effortlessly pointing the machine in the direction the operator wants to go in.  This means your crew will not get tired out from a long day of trying to wrestle the machine at every turn.  For your work crew, it will almost be as easy as walking in the park (admittedly, a walk on a very cold day).

How easily the Pro-QXT moves and turns is amazing considering it has a large, all-season, Subaru 14 HP (404 CC) engine on it.  That is only 20% smaller than the Harley-Davidson Street 500 motorcycle, so you know this machine has a big engine with a lot of power for any task you throw at it.

The ease of use is key, not only to keep your team full of energy, but the maneuverability of the Pro-QXT means you should expect less damage to client property than what you sometimes find with a UTV where workers are tempted to go too fast and can’t steer clear of obstacles.  That is a great advantage of this QXT, the control the operator gets means you should have less conversations with clients about repairing their property.

Year-Round Tractor

One of the best parts of the QXT is the fact it is meant to be a year-round tractor.  You are not locking up money for a piece of equipment that will sit in storage 8-9 months of the year.  Just look at the list of attachments this machine has:

  • 44” Brush
  • 48” Blade
  • 32” Snow Thrower Head
  • 36” Finishing Mower (1.5 – 4″ cut range)
  • 48” Finishing Mower (1.5 – 4″ cut range)
  • 32” Brush Mower (1 – 4″ cut range, can cut saplings up to 1.5” thick!)

That means the quick attachments are ideal not only to swap equipment out as a snow event progresses, but the machine can be used 12 months out of the year!  Rather than paying for two pieces of specialized equipment, you are paying only a smaller amount for an additional attachment.

Gravely is Going Back to Its Roots with the Pro-QXT

Gravely is over 100 years old and it started with selling two-wheel walk-behind tractors.  Gravely is an all-American company, building equipment in the US since its very beginning.  In fact, the original idea to build the tractor came from all of the clients that had old Gravely tractors still going strong.

The long history of Gravely intersects also with the high quality reputation of the Ariens Company. Ariens bought Gravely in 1982 from Studebaker Packard Corporation.  The Gravely product line is now built alongside of Ariens branded equipment in Brillion, Wisconsin.  The Ariens team supported Gravely in developing the Pro-QXT tractor and Ariens, the “King of Snow,” helped a lot with the design of the snow thrower attachment.

The new Gravely tractor has been attracting a lot of people in landscaping, property management, and rental equipment industries in the little more than a year since the Pro-QXT has been out with excellent sales right out of the gate.  The tractor has found many fans because it really is versatile and easy to use.

The Pro-QXT project started three years ago and was officially introduced to the public in October of 2015.  Yet, it is not the fact that it is “new” that people are flocking to buy this tractor.  It is that the Pro-QXT is a versatile money-saving investment that is backed by a company known for its quality.  Mike Halloran, at equipment dealer Gravely of Chicago put it this way, “We sell Gravely because our customers see both the tradition of quality with the brand and the fact that they’re always on the cutting edge with engineering and development. For us, Gravely represents three things: great products, great people and a great future.”

Trae Humphreys, Project Manager behind the Gravely Pro-QXT

Humphreys expects that great future to continue with the Gravely Pro-QXT tractor.  It is a great tractor and as the attachment list grows, the interest and sales of the Pro-QXT will grow by leaps and bounds because the versatility of the machine means more money in your pocket.  You buy only one machine rather than three to get the job done.

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Written by staff writer Jeff Serafin