Grab a Snow Shovel for Punxsutawney Phil – He might need to dig out on Groundhog’s Day!

This week kicks off with average to slightly warmer than average temps across most of the country but that’s going to be followed by a dose of much colder air behind it. Watch for a huge downward temperature swing on the heels of that warmer system that could stir up a bonafide Nor’easter on Groundhog’s Day.

1/28/20 Weather Forecast Video from Neoweather

The long range forecasts have been tough and more unpredictable than usual due to conflicting models and a lack of any real signals about pattern changes. But as for this week and into next, we can be confident about what’s on the way. Today we are seeing snow much further south than we’ve seen lately with flurries across most of Missouri spreading east into West Virginia before it hits some drier air and dissolves before the weekend.

Speaking of the weekend… We could see a big time Nor’easter bust out on Saturday from a system that will be moving across the Great Lakes region. If that system of much colder air collides with the moist warm air coming up the coast from the South, Punxsutawney Phil might need some snow removal services before he can crawl out of his hole on Groundhog’s Day.

2/1/20 Weather Forecast Map from Neoweather
2/1/20 Weather Forecast Map from Neoweather

Next week Brian Ivey expects to see another Intermountain West system hit the area on Monday and move across the country early next week. Looks like the main recipient of that snowy gift will be the upper Midwest and Great Lakes area again, so if you are in those areas, re-stock your ice melt supply and get ready for go time once again.

1/28/20 Weather Map Showing Moisture & PrecipitationWhile the exact long range systems have been hard to predict, Neoweather’s team does have pretty high confidence about the systems on the way based on the above average moisture and precipitation pattern in most of the country (shown in shades of green), especially in the middle of the country and in portions of the East.

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