GM Medium Duty Engineered to Upfit

GM has been in the medium duty business in the past. They know that often times, plowing snowing isn’t always a customer’s primary job. They probably are in the landscaping or construction business in the summer months. So during the winter months, they want to put a plow on their truck to move snow or a spreader to throw salt down on the roads.

 For any Vocation

With that in mind, GM designed their Chevy commercial truck to fit upfit not just for one vocation, but for all vocations including snow plowing. They want to make the process easy on their customers. You may end up spending more money than you hoped hiring someone to install the plow and tap into the electrical system to run the wiring.

No Hassle

Have you ever tried to take a truck that’s not ready to put a plow or accessories on? If so, you may know how frustrating of a task it is. Trying to determine where all the wires go or how to connect everything is a pain. All the switches for the lights and wiring can get complicated, which is why the Chevy commercial vehicles eliminate the hassle for you.

Ready out of the Box

Chevy’s commercial vehicles come ready out of the box. Put your equipment on the truck with few modifications and you’re all set! No matter what job you are using your truck for – plowing, salting, landscaping etc, GM’s commercial vehicles make the job easier.