Get Off Your Rear – Snow Back in Forecast

Milwaukee – The January thaw comes to an end this week. As early as tonight and Tuesday, a wintry mix hits the northeast. That means work! Here are the areas most likely to see 3-6 inches of snow and sleet:



The area in blue can expect 3-6” of snow and sleet. This includes northcentral Pennsylvania, most of upstate New York, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City.

Midwest Gets Snow Too

Snow is not just confined to the northeast. Snow returns Tuesday and Wednesday to the Plains and Midwest. There will be a healthy swath of 3-6”of snow. If you are in the blue area, you are most likely to receive 3-6” of snow before Wednesday evening. A few locations could even see a little more.



This includes much of South Dakota, northern Nebraska, northern Iowa, southern Minnesota and Wisconsin. Good news!

And, looking out the next one to two weeks, average to slightly below average temperatures are likely in the eastern two thirds of the United States and Canada. This pattern favors clippers coming with light snow every few days.


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