Ford Applications Engineering – Snow & Ice

New Engineering Group at Ford

The Snow & Ice Industry is constantly changing and evolving. A main component is obviously your truck. Ford’s Commercial Vehicle Group has created a sub-group called Applications Engineering. This group is dedicated to improving Ford trucks in order to better serve the industry.

Liaison for Product Development

The Applications Engineering group has been connecting with upfitters to be their liaison with Ford’s product devolvement teams. This communication allows for Ford to hear directly what changes would increase the value of choosing Ford over other brands.

Dedicating Resources to Improve Snow & Ice Industry

Ford is being proactive and seeking the advice and recommendations from upfitters because they care and want to improve their product. Snow & ice professionals are looking for the best and Ford wants to serve you. Commercial vehicles are a large part of what Ford does and they want to support their efforts by dedicating resources to research and staff for the Applications Engineering group.

Great Feedback, Open to More Improvements

With this newly formed group, Ford has already received great feedback and is working on the ideas that have been brought forward. They will continue to be open to talking with upfitters to improve their trucks. With this new input, Ford’s improvements to their snowplow prep package will only get better. Ford is ready and willing to serve the snow and ice ever changing snow and ice industry.