Fisher XLS Expandable Plow

Providing Quality since 1948

History is an important part of any company. It not only shows where the company has been, but how they have gotten to where they are today. Fisher engineering is extremely proud of their heritage and deep roots in mid-coast Maine. Building reliable, high-quality products has been their business since 1948. They are a trusted company that works hard each and every day to provide you with the best.

An Innovative Plow Line with More Efficiency  

Fisher’s XLS plow line is one of their more innovative line of plows. It offers contractors the ability to transport a narrow plow, but gain the efficiency of expanding the plow out to 10 feet. This allows for more control with scooping, containing and maneuvering the snow. The versatility makes this plow a huge hit. You can change the plow configuration to meet your needs – retracted or expanded.

Customers Ask, Fisher Delivers

The XLS has been a popular model for Fisher. The overwhelming positive response has been exactly what they were looking for. Customers wanted stainless steel, so Fisher delivered. The graduated or flared more bold profile on the blade wings enhanced the structure and integrity of the plow. Exactly what their customers were looking for.