Ending October with Snow & Cold: Plower Forecast 10/29/19

Let the games begin! Up until now our only real snow events have been in the Upper Rockies, Montana and North Dakota this year. That all changes today – if you live in the Midwest, you know that already! Early winter is hitting the Midwest and is likely to extend into Kansas City, Chicago, Wisconsin, Michigan, and over the Great Lakes. A strong system is forming over the Rockies that is cruising across the middle of the country with a snow swath setup that could bring some decent snow to the Midwest. After moving through it turns to mostly rain once it gets East. The cold front will continue into the Ohio Valley and Northeast United States, but the precipitation will turn into heavy rain and possible thunderstorms.

Neoweather says cold and snow will close out October 2019

Some lake effect snow is likely, though the exact amounts still aren’t clear. Future forecast models are predicting different snow amounts for Michigan and the Great Lakes over the weekend. Everything stays calm in the middle of the country and in the West, but a small system is developing for Monday in the Northern Rockies that will bring some rain and a bit of snow across the Upper Midwest and into the Great Lakes region. We’ll see some swings as temperatures adjust up and down next week.

10/29/19 Plower Forecast Shows Snow in Great Lakes
10/29/19 Plower Forecast Shows Snow in Great Lakes

It’s clear that there will be heavy snow in Southeastern Canada but the true details of system across the Midwest are more up in the air. The ground is still warm so there will be quick melting after some accumulation. The center of the band may produce up to 8-10 inches, but most of this storm will bring closer to 1-4 inches as it moves across Missouri, northern Illinois, SE Wisconsin and into Michigan. One thing is for sure – there will be widespread colder than average temperatures over most of the central U.S. and Midwest next week. Colder and much more active weather patterns are the new trend as we go into November.

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