Private Weather Forecasting Pays Off!

Are you using a private weather forecasting service to help make sound decisions for your snow removal business? If not, it’s time to think about it and do the math!

August 17, 2021 | Dawn Krueger

Will the Welder from Xtreme Fabrication talks about his years of experience and how private weather forecasting in our industry pays off.

Like Will says, if you can get private forecasting services for about $300 or so per month even as a small snow contractor, it pays off quickly! Having pinpointed locations and times of exact snowfall from forecasters that are familiar with your industry’s concerns is invaluable. If you deploy your team and equipment two hours early based on weather apps or the National Weather Service’s general forecasts for your market, you’ve just spent hundreds of dollars on guys, fuel and trucks getting to a site too early. The more accurate the forecasts are that you receive, the more you can streamline your business and make money.

How many times have you stocked up on salt and scheduled staff for a snow storm that was only flurries or worse yet – didn’t happen at all?? Generalized weather forecasts simply can’t pinpoint which side of town you should be on and when. Their job is to forecast overall numbers for a population with vast interests in a large region. They simply can’t focus on precise locations and details like blowing and drifting, and moisture levels that would determine your choice of exact timing, materials and equipment. And you’ll never see them admit a “forecast confidence” range as private forecasters like Neoweather do. That’s because Neoweather wants to give you ALL the details to make economically sound decisions for your snow business.

What Do You Get with Private Weather Forecasting?

Neoweather provides several reports to customer every week focusing on their specific service area(s). First, a weekly forecast gives you a glance at what you can expect for the upcoming week. Also included are temperature & precipitation trends and any other pertinent weather information that we are watching. Next, when there is something cooking up you’ll receive the “NEO Firstlook” about 2-3 days prior to an event impacting your area. That will give you a first look at important data points such as start/stop times, snow/ice forecast, a snowfall map, our exclusive ThreatNet and more. They also get a Forecast Breakdown detailing all the information you need to know about an upcoming event: start/stop times, snow/ice forecast, a snowfall map, confidence level, Neoweather’s exclusive ThreatNet.

Sample of a NEOCast Weather Alert - Private Weather Forecasting Service from NeoWeather

During lower impact snow events, Neoweather customers receive a NEOCast Weather Alert for a quick glance at important details like start/stop times, snow/ice potential and additional information. This is for snowfall under 2 inches, a light icing event or mixed precipitation event. In addition, NEO Totals Powered by Weather Command brings you certified third party snow and ice reports within 72 hours of an event all in a convenient online dashboard you can access 24/7.

Partner with Neoweather this winter season and you may save money after even juse ONE missed forecast from your previous weather source!

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