Discount Snow Stakes Review

Having a highly visible driveway is very important during the winter season. Snow Plow News reviews Discount Snow Stakes and lets you know why you need the best driveway markers this snow season.

October 25, 2021 | Emma Tyborski

Driveway markers are ideal for homeowners who want to protect their driveways and snow plowing professionals who want to protect their expensive snow removal equipment from damage. Driveway markers can be reflective or non reflective. Reflective markers are usually placed to enhance visibility when plowing at night. These types of markers also reflect off backup lights, so homeowners can back up safely in the dark. Non reflective markers do not reflect any light and have a simplier design than reflective driveway markers. These types of markers are ideal for homeowners who don’t want their driveway markers to stand out.

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4ft Snow Stakes | Driveway Marker with Caps 5/16″

4ft Snow Stakes | Driveway Markers – Tape/No Cap 1/4″

No Cap Snow Stakes

Discount Snow Stakes has been in the commercial snow plow business for over 15 years, so they are experts in what plow pros need. Discount Snow Stakes is customer service driven, they develop new products that their customers want and need.

Discount Snow Stakes are made from fiberglass, are UV ray and corrosion resistant. These driveway markers are designed to withstand moisture, different weather elements and chemicals. These features ensure the driveway markers can be used time and time again to lower cost and minimize environmental impact. Discount Snow Stakes do not warp, do not require fluorescent painting, are not easily broken, are lightweight and easy to move and are a fraction of the cost of other driveway markers.

Discount Snow Stakes produce both reflective and non reflective driveway markers. The reflective markers have 9″ of highway sign grade reflective tape that are extremely luminous. Their markers also come in a variety of different sizes and colors for extra visibility. The design of driveway markers is also important. These driveway markers have the option of being toped with Armortech caps that allows for a simple hammer installation. Discount Snow Stakes also makes custom driveway markers that stand out from the competition. These custom markers have different colored reflective tape that offer more shine and can match any aesthetic.

About Discount Snow Stakes

How to Install Snow Stakes

To learn more about Discount Snow Stakes, visit their website. We also checked out their sister company, Diamond King Tools, learn more about their great products at

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