Dealer Round Up – What Truck Brand is the Easiest for Wiring Up a Plow?

In this edition of Dealer Round Up, Snow Plow News asks dealers which truck brand they prefer when it comes to wiring a snowplow. See what they have to say!

June 21, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Dodge has one of the best setups, because they have a full line pigtail underneath the fuse box in the 2015 and newer trucks.

Greg Saltz


I really like Dodge because you have the upfitter wiring harness for the plow prep package, so you just pop out the fuse box, pull the harness out and splice in your wires and go. You can wire a Dodge truck in less than 30 minutes if you know what you’re doing.

William Fries

Xtreme Fabrication

The easiest always seems to be Ford. We can install a snow plow and wire it up on a Ford faster than we can any other truck out there, especially the new ones. The only thing that slows us down sometimes is the LED wiring for the new Douglas Dynamics plows, it takes a little extra time, because there’s a few extra steps and diesel engine trucks, there’s a little less room in there, so that makes it more difficult to mount and run the wiring around it.

Erik Flores


All the manufacturers are working to make it easier to do installs. Chevy took over the idea of putting, finally, a panel that was removable. GMC has always been difficult, because of the way that the grill was and the way the subframe was, but the GMC Chevy line now is a removable plastic panel, to allow the mounting to go on without having to take the front bumper and grille off. They’ve also done a really nice job of integrating the light plugs to the top, inside, so you just have to lift the hood and you can get in there, you don’t have to pull the whole light bucket and the light assembly out, that has been a really nice feature.

Jerre Heyer

Jerre's Service

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