Custom Weather Forecasts Save Money

We talked to Brian Ivey, meteorologist at Neoweather, to find out why people would pay for a custom forecast instead of using a free app.

September 15, 2021 | Jeff Serafin

Why pay for a premium weather service? The payback can be found in as little as one storm according to Ivey. The secret is in the precision that allows you to make smart decisions in the allocation of your limited resources.

Brian Ivey standing next to a weather map.

Neoweather creates customer weather forecasts that are tailored to you as an individual company, researching your specific service area, giving you the information you need without covering geography you do not care about. Especially when there is a mixed weather event where there are different conditions within relatively close range, the precision in a custom weather forecast can’t be beat.

The precision information will help you to better know when and where to send your snow fighters, help you predict salt use for the remainder of the season, and keep you updated with storms that have a large potential to change in scope and severity.

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Disclosure: Snow Plow News receives many of our weather forecasts from Neoweather.

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