Classic Wet Spring This Week, Then More Cold On The Way

This week will be action-packed, but nearly all the news is about the rain – not snow. We’ll see textbook standard Spring weather with lots of warmth and moisture, especially in the South. There will be bursts of cold temps in the North, but not much potential for snow. The rain will be the bigger news this week before things get a little dicier next week again with potential snow.

3/18/20 Weather Forecast from Neoweather

Wednesday starts with a slug of moisture in the Ohio Valley that brings plenty of rain as it moves through Tennessee and up across New England. Out West, there are pockets of snow scattered across the Rockies, but the air to the east is too warm to keep the snow dreams alive. The exception to this is way to the north where some snow is expected in the Dakotas and Minnesota. Friday may bring another snow system across Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin, but nothing extreme before it turns to rain. Localized minor flooding is possible with the amounts of rain on the way, but nothing that should slow us down.

Then a major burst of summer weather covers the southeastern half of the country. Unseasonably warm temps are expected through this week from Texas up into New England. The deep south will enjoy mid-80’s from Florida all the way up into Virginia. Up north we’ll still see cold temps that provide the potential snow once it hits the moist air from the South.

3/18/20 Weather Map from Neoweather
3/18/20 Weather Map from Neoweather

Widespread rain is expected on Friday across the East. Then a high-pressure system moves down from Canada on Saturday that is expected to bring cold air down to the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, and Northeast. Sunday more action will kick up in the Gulf and bring rain up into the South again all the way up into the Mid-Atlantic. Quiet weather is expected in the Pacific and Central U.S. until early next week when colder air settles back in and the potential for snow arises once again.

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