Cheap Way to Double your Light While Plowing at Night

Mouse over the image to see 4-Sight in action!

New Accessory Turns Your Truck Lights On When Your Plow Blade is Down.

We don’t know why no one thought of this sooner, but Sno-Way has added to their accessory line-up a simple harness that doubles your lighting.  Called 4-Sight™, the new technology allows you to have four headlights on instead of two every time your plow blade is down.

The normal setup with a plow basically turns off your truck’s headlights when the plow is plugged in so you don’t get a blinding glare from the lights shining on the back of your plow blade.  You know that if your plow is plugged in, the headlights on the plow turn on and your truck lights stay off.

Yet plowing all night in low light is fatiguing for the eye and the brain which drains your overall energy too…as if you didn’t need help getting tired in the morning.  So, if you can plow with more light, you can work faster, safer, and with less fatigue.

How does 4-Sight™ Work?

The way the Sno-Way device works is that when you have your truck lights turned on, when the plow is up, only the plow headlights are on.  When the plow blade goes down, the equipment senses that the plow is down, and automatically turns on the headlights.  Of course, when you start to raise the plow again, the lights automatically turn off!

Since it is just a simple wiring harness that does all the work, the fix is both inexpensive and robust.  The list price for 4-Sight is under $200 for any vehicle and it is well worth the few extra dollars for a snow removal contractor.  With the great improvement in visibility, we expect other plow manufacturers to follow Sno-Way’s innovation to create a similar solution to their 4-Sight™ product.

You can get more information on Sno-Way’s 4-Sight™ lighting accessory here or here.