A Mixed Bag of Spotty Drought & Rain Conditions

7/21/2020 Drought Map

As drought conditions continue in many parts of the country, we will see scattered rain this week in some areas to help out, but nothing that will blanket the dry areas. Brian Ivey also takes a look at what’s expected as we go into August. The Intermountain West has major drought conditions that extend to the Southern Plains. The last week brought some much needed rain to the middle portions of the country, but it’s still very dry across much …

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A Dry Spell After Cristobal – For How Long?

Cristobal Tropical Storm merges with other systems

This week will start off with active weather and warm summer heat as Tropical Storm Cristobal moves up through the country into Canada. It is expected to continue on its path through the Midwest and western Great Lakes bringing the risk of heavy rain and possible tornadoes early this week. After Cristobal moves into Canada, we expect to see the potential for a line of severe weather in its wake. That system is predicted for Wednesday and Thursday as a …

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Another Wet Week – Rain, Rain, Go Away!

4/23/20 U.S. Weather Map from Neoweather

We might be shut-in and still not doing much this week, but the weather pattern is active and on the move! This week is expected to bring severe thunderstorms, widespread flooding, and even some more snow. See where all the rain is happening this week in Brian Ivey’s weekly weather forecast below. Today starts us off with a good amount of rain and scattered storms in the Ark-La-Tex region. That system will move east and slightly north saturating Georgia, the …

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Welcome Back Cold – Snow Coming This Week!

4/12/20 Weather map showing snow potential

There are lots of blue spots on the weather map this week as we see a major cool down with some potential for legit snow in several areas. In fact, the next two weeks are expected to be below average temps in most of the country. Check out when and where below! This week kicked off with a major storm system in Indiana that moved across Kentucky and eastward with damaging winds and large hail. Showers from that front move …

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Classic Wet Spring This Week, Then More Cold On The Way

3/18/20 Weather Map from Neoweather

This week will be action-packed, but nearly all the news is about the rain – not snow. We’ll see textbook standard Spring weather with lots of warmth and moisture, especially in the South. There will be bursts of cold temps in the North, but not much potential for snow. The rain will be the bigger news this week before things get a little dicier next week again with potential snow. Wednesday starts with a slug of moisture in the Ohio …

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Snow in the South?! Dust Off Those Snowplows!

2/20/20 Forecast Map: Snow in Tennessee and the Carolinas

Well well well, look who’s getting some snow this week… Tennessee and the Carolinas! That’s right! It’s your turn to get a little taste of the wintery weather while the rest of the country gets a little break. Don’t worry, things will get back to “normal” quickly and the snow won’t last long. Check out the details from Brian Ivey at Neoweather below. While most of the country gets a needed break from the snow, a system kicks up on …

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The KAGE 2-in-1 Snowfire Snow Plow Box System Rocks!

Need to switch from a regular skid steer plow to a box plow in a hurry? The KAGE Snowfire Snow Plow Box System has a heavy duty design that simply involves lifting up the box plow section so it fits over the snow plow to make it a pusher instead. It’s fast, easy and doesn’t require any pins, bolts, or hinges. It also doesn’t have any wires or hydraulics that can break or get jammed. The KAGE system reduces plowing …

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Record SnowFall… Gone?

Snow accumulation amounts in Pennsylvania are being adjusted. This comes several months after Erie received what they thought was the largest snowfall in state history. The National Weather Service out of Cleveland looked into the extreme weather event further and discovered a large discrepancy. There were significant snow amount differences between the official totals at Erie International Airport compared to other snow spotters just a few miles away. A State Climate Extremes Committee was formed and double-checked the snow accumulation …

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Neoweather – Customized Weather Forecasts

We’ve all been there. Every snow storm is another guessing game. When should we put the salt down, when will the snow stop? There are so many options for finding out the forecast. Some are reliable, while others are not so accurate. Make Decisions With Ease Neoweather is a consulting agency that provides specific weather forecasts for those that need to make decisions based on the most accurate information. They send detailed PDFs to your email with what could be …

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SnowPlowNews – NTEA Member

NTEA – The Association for the Work Truck Industry Established in 1964, NTEA – The Association for the Work Truck Industry, represents more than 2,000 companies that manufacture, distribute, install, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck equipment, trailers and accessories. Buyers of work trucks and the major commercial truck chassis manufacturers also belong to NTEA. The Association provides in-depth technical information, education, and member programs and services, and produces The Work Truck Show®, Green Truck Summit, and Fleet …

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