See Who’s Getting Massive Warehouse Expansion

Buyer's Products 2020 Warehouse Expansion

Here’s some good news about the economy in 2020 – Buyers Products is more than doubling the size of their warehouse and corporate headquarters in Mentor, Ohio to accommodate their ongoing growth. The new warehouse space will add 280,000 square feet and 20 additional docks for Buyers along with 67-foot-high ceilings. At the same time, they are expanding office space to add 17,500 square feet along with a larger parking lot for employees. Representatives from Buyers explained that customer demand …

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What Are the Biggest Mistakes New Snow Contractors Make?

Plowing Beginner Mistakes graphic

Will the Welder pulled dealers aside at the 2020 World Truck Show to get their input on the biggest mistakes that snow contractors make. See what they had to say in the video and blog below! Will interviewed dealers on behalf of Snow Plow News to get some helpful tips on what mistakes contractors make with equipment purchasing and operation. He started off with Rondo Ziegler from Rondo Enterprises & Trailers who warned that a lot of snow contractors think …

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The Main Advantages of a SnoWay V Plow

Sno-Way V Plow Wireless Controller

If you are considering buying a V plow, this post is for you. Tom Brewer from Sno-Way, International gives you the rundown on what he sees as the top advantages of buying a Sno-Way plow. What makes the Sno-Way V plow stand out from the rest? Well, according to Tom Brewer from Sno-Way International, it’s things like the fact that it comes standard with double-acting wind cylinders and full blade trip design. It also comes standard with 250 pounds of …

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Extreme Heat This Week & Winter Weather Preview

Map Showing Extreme Heat in the West 8/19/2020

This week kicks off with lots of precipitation in the Southeast and hotter than usual weather in the West. The barriers on the western heat dome break open over the days to come and higher than average temps spread to the Midwest. See all the details from Brian Ivey below. The middle of the country starts off dry this week, with just a little bit of precipitation in the Northern Rockies. All the action seems to be in the Southeast …

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Salt Spreader Poll: Auger vs Drag Chain

SnowDogg Salt Spreader

During the 2020 NTEA Show, Will the Welder took time to talk to several industry experts on what’s better in salt and sand spreaders: auger drive or drag chain. See what people prefer and why below. Opinions are across the board on this one. Some guys have a strong preference for chain drag salt spreaders, others prefer augers, and some really don’t have a strong feeling about either! Some opinions depend on the type of salt or salt/sand mixture being …

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Snowplow Poll: V-Plow vs Expandable Box Plow

V Plow v Expandable Box Plow

Will the Welder stepped up on behalf of Snow Plow News during the 2020 NTEA Show to ask industry experts what they prefer – a V plow or a power expanding box plow. See what people said below. The bottom line is that it really depends on the market and the application. Most guys like the flexibility of the V plow for both residential use and parking lots. When you really need to cut through thick snow, the V plow …

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Causing Trouble with the Buyers Expressway Plow

SnowDogg Expressway Municipal Snow Plow

Nothing seems to stop the Expressway Municipal Snow Plow from Buyers Products. Nothing. Even smacking railroad tracks head-on at high speeds… hard to believe? Listen to Will the Welder tell the story along with why this plow is a total beast, especially when attached to an Oshkosh truck! The Buyers Expressway plow (or Butterfly Plow) has been around for about two years, so it’s pretty new to the market but making a huge impression. This bad boy has a strength …

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3 Advantages of a Western V Plow

Stainless Steel Western Enforcer V Plow

Looking to add a V Plow to your line up? Doug Clark from Western gives his choice for the top three reasons that Western has the best V plow in the industry. Check out what he had to say! 1. UltraMount Mounting System The receivers on the UltraMount mounting system have extra-wide four-inch clearance on all sides (left, right, up, and down). This makes it incredibly easy to attach your plow quickly – saving you time and money! All you …

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So NOW What’s Expected with the Weather?

8/12/2020 Weather Map showing SE precipitation

After the violent straight line storm that crippled parts of Iowa and Illinois, what could possibly be in store for the country this week? Will the ongoing madness of 2020 continue? Watch this week’s weather video below to find out what Brian Ivey at Neoweather thinks! So they call this type of system a “Derecho” which is a mature, organized group of thunderstorms with a family of particularly damaging down burst. It caused significant damage and a few tornadoes. You’ve …

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Check out the New Western Enforcer V-Plow

New Western Enforcer V-Plow for half-ton trucks

Looking for a v-plow for your half-ton truck? You found it! Western Products just rolled out the “Enforcer” at the NTEA Work Truck Show! This is the first time Western has offered a V-Plow for half tons! Learn all about it below. The newly unveiled Western Enforcer v-plows is what a lot of people have been waiting for! It has all the awesome features and benefits you’ve come to expect in a full-size Western v-plow – but there is finally …

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