Calm Before Halloween Cold & Snow: Plower Forecast 10/21/19

Brian Ivey from Neoweather is forecasting a short period of some relatively calm weather this week and into the weekend before a potentially large system of cold and snow smacks the Midwest next week around Halloween. The month of October has delivered warmer weather across portions of the Southeast and into the Mid-Atlantic, while the Northwest and into the northern plains has seen quite the opposite. As you know a few snow storms have already hit Montana and North Dakota, as well as portions of the Northwest and Rockies.

10/21/19 Snow Plower Forecast

The excitement this week kicks off with a system in the Great Lakes area that is bringing high winds and rain that will be moving through the Northeast and then up into New England. No snow here, just cold and rain with extremely high winds.

Wednesday and Thursday are relatively quiet across most of the country – just as Neoweather forecasted last week. The one exception is cold air in the middle of the country coming down from Canada into the Rockies. However, there is no real snowfall expected with this front. As the week goes on, Neoweather has high confidence of the Northwest cold air continuing over the next 10 days while the Southeast stays warm like it has been all of October. There aren’t any super systems moving through the South, just some rain that will help bust up droughts.

10/21/19 Weather Map from Neoweather
10/21/19 Weather Map from Neoweather

Around Halloween the quiet weather looks like it will be coming to an end as a big trough of low pressure with some ridging will likely bring a huge storm system to the Midwest. This will bring the chance of snowflakes further south and east than we’ve seen yet this year. Make sure you watch this area closely if you service these areas so you are prepared!

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