New Buyers Plow for Class 4-6 Trucks

Do you need a bigger plow for your big truck? The SnowDogg VXXII is the much needed V-plow for bigger trucks. After several years of testing and design to make sure it was the largest, strongest V-plow on the market, the VXXII is here.

October 6, 2021 | Emma Tyborski

29HD Plow and Ford 350

The new SnowDogg® VXXII features wings that ascend from 35 inches in the middle to 45 inches on either end. The plow is the result of increasing market demand for larger V-plows.

The SnowDogg VXXII went through over two years of rigorous testing and design before being released. The SnowDogg team worked directly with some of the country’s largest snow and ice contractors to refine every detail.

“It took several tries to really nail the design,” says Scott Moorman, Director of Snow and Ice Equipment at Buyers Products. “Each iteration got closer and closer, but we weren’t going to settle for anything less than perfection. The feedback from the field testers was an integral piece of this process. Afterall, who knows what a plow needs better than the people out there using it every day?”

With its wide wingspan and heavy-duty build, the VXXII specializes in clearing large amounts of heavy, wet snow. The plow features a genuine 304 stainless steel blade with aggressive, flared wings and a robust frame built to absorb heavy impacts. The VXXII also includes popular SnowDogg features like the RapidLink™ Attachment System and Floating A-frame.

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