Why all SnowDogg Plows are 304 Stainless Steel

SnowDogg by Buyers VXFII Stainless Steel Plow

ALL 304 Stainless Steel Snow Plows – Why?

Choosing a plow company is one thing, but choosing the material you want your plow built with is another important decision contractors need to make. The moldboard material determines the durability, repairability, and cost. Most companies offer painted steel or polyethylene moldboards, and a few have 304 stainless steel options available too. But as of today, the only company we know of that offers 304 stainless steel plows for every application is SnowDogg by Buyers.

Buyers Products has been manufacturing work truck equipment since 1946. They know exactly what it takes to make the best snowplows, and here is what’s interesting: SnowDogg snow plows only come with a stainless steel blade. Why? SnowDogg by Buyers only uses stainless steel so the plower does not have to decide between good, better, or best – stainless is best. Stainless steel is the mark of excellence in many industries and this is especially true in the snowplow industry. Watch a dealer review of Snowdogg plows online to see what they like best about SnowDogg.

The advantages of stainless steel snowplows include:
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Stainless steel does not rust

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Stainless steel looks good longer (no color fading)

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Stainless steel looks sharp with every truck color

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Stainless steel lasts longer

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Stainless steel is easily reconditioned and repaired

304 Stainless Steel plow

Are Stainless Steel Plows More Expensive?

With other plow manufacturers, yes. Especially moldboards made with 304 stainless steel. In fact, 304 stainless steel is usually about three times the cost of carbon steel, which is commonly used by most plow manufacturers. However, in most cases, Buyers sells their 304 stainless steel plows for less than most carbon steel plows.


Buyers purchases more 304 stainless steel than all other snow management manufacturers combined! Their enormous factory runs year-round making more than just plows with stainless steel. They also make salt spreaders, snow pushers, truck inserts, toolboxes, towing equipment, lighting products, truck and trailer hardware, cargo equipment, and much more. This gives them incredible raw material buying power that keeps costs down for customers.

In addition, they produce a 304 stainless steel snowplow system for less than the competition because the entire company is dedicated to vertical integration. They combine almost one million square feet of production that includes steel, stainless, aluminum, rubber, rotational molding, and powder coating.

It also helps that over the years, Buyers has made the necessary acquisitions to be sure the family business was in control of their own destiny, yet they hold no debt. This means that their pricing is based exclusively on manufacturing and delivery cost and does not need to include debt interest. Buyers recently announced they will be growing again and adding roughly 280,000 sq. feet of warehouse and distribution space, giving them even more options for growth.

304 Stainless Steel Snowplow Engineering

Does SnowDogg by Buyers Engineer Their Own Snowplows?

You bet they do! Buyers Products employs a team of over 25 experts in their Engineering, Product Testing, and Product Management areas. This leads to a robust development and maintenance platform resulting in excellent products. Their team ensures that SnowDogg plows are built to meet the demands of the market and that they are constantly improving their designs, manufacturing processes, materials, and products. They aren’t making their profits by manufacturing cheap parts in foreign countries. SnowDogg plows and all Buyers Products are engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the USA. 

304 Stainless Steel Plows for Every Truck

SnowDogg by Buyers doesn’t just have a couple of 304 stainless steel options. EVERY plow they make comes in 304 stainless steel, and they make a bunch! Here are the current trucks they make plows for and there are even different plow types for each vehicle:

304 Stainless Steel Plow on 1/2 Ton Truck

1/2 Ton Trucks

304 Stainless Steel Plow on 3/4 Ton Truck

3/4 Ton Trucks

304 Stainless Steel Plow on 1+ Ton Truck

1+ Ton Trucks

SnowDogg Plow on 10,000+ weight truck

Trucks w/ 10,000-29,000 GVWR

SnowDogg by Buyers UTV Stainless Steel Plow


SnowDogg by Buyers Skid Steer Stainless Steel Plow

Skid Steers

SnowDogg by Buyers Municipal Stainless Steel Plow

Municipal Trucks

Three Key Features of the New SnowDogg Stainless Steel V-Plow by Buyers

Harold Berg from Buyers gives his top three favorite features of the new VMDII v-plow.

If you are looking for more information on Buyers Products, check out their website. There you’ll see their full lineup of products and you can even use their SnowDogg Plow Configurator to see which options will fit on your trucks.


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