BOSS Snowrator MAG Review

Rick Knuth, Product Manager for BOSS Snowplow reviews the new Snowrator MAG, a machine that replaces 5-8 workers.

May 25, 2022 | Mike Stevens

Customers who used the original Snowrator asked for more versatility.  The sidewalk machine needed to do more than just move snow or drop salt. 

The BOSS Snowrator MAG gives the customers the versatility they’re looking for with a v-plow attachment four foot and five foot straight blade attachment, a rotary broom attachment as well as a snow thrower attachment.

The original Snowrator comes with a four foot straight blade and the option of a drop spreader. So many more options are available on the Snowrator MAG and they are quickly attached and hydraulically operated.

The new Snowrator MAG has been in development for over two years with full field testing over two seasons.  Multiple units have been in use with customers that used the original Snowrator so they could see the difference with the Snowrator MAG.

Snowrator is a sidewalk machine so people that service sidewalks know there is a shortage in the labor pool. The Snowrator MAG can replace as many as five to eight shovelers on any given job site so one person can operate all these different attachments to do the work of five to eight people.

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