BOSS Snowplows Offer the Ultimate Reliability

BOSS DXT Snowplow Vplow

Will Fries, aka “Will the Welder” roamed around the 2020 Work Truck Show talking with different plow dealers and he asked them what they liked best about their favorite brands. One of the dealers Will ran into was Steve Jennings from Jennings Welding & Fabrication in New York. Steve has been a BOSS dealer for over 20 years, so he has good reasons for thinking BOSS has the best products. Let’s take a look at his favorite features.

BOSS Plow Advantages

Steve’s number one reason for liking BOSS is the exceptional reliability that BOSS plows offer. BOSS includes a 2-year limited warranty against material defects with every plow for peace of mind. In addition, the BOSS website has an extensive library of manuals and videos to help with replacement parts as well as an online parts store.

Steve also pointed out that he likes the functionality of BOSS plows. He said all you have to do is switch controllers to go from a V blade to a straight blade. He also prefers the BOSS chainless hydraulic cylinder lifting system over a chain lift. The hydraulic lift system reduces plow bouncing and gives the plow full-floating capabilities. BOSS also encloses their hydraulics to prevent corrosion and to keep them from freezing up. 

BOSS plow stacking snow

Patented Dual-Trip Plow Design

BOSS combines a trip-edge AND a full moldboard trip system to give plows the ultimate protection from obstacles. Whether the impact is high or low, the trip technology will protect your plow from dramatic hits. Contractors can also tip the moldboard forward for better snow stacking.

More BOSS Plow Features

BOSS plows are also known in the snow and ice management industry for other noteworthy features. For example, their “D-Force” option dramatically improves back dragging performance. It delivers a consistent hydraulic downforce powered by a hydraulic accumulator. Note that the D-Force option must be added at the time of purchase. It cannot be retrofitted. It includes its own controller specific to that plow.

The BOSS Smarthitch 2 makes mounting and dismounting plows a snap. Just flip, plug, click and you’re ready to hit the snow. 

In summary, why buy BOSS?

  1. Trip AND Full moldboard trip
  2. Hydraulic lift
  3. D-Force option for superior back dragging
  4. Smarthitch 2 for fast mounting and dismounting
  5. Outstanding support & extensive online library of materials

BOSS Snow Plow Video

Check out the complete video below from our talk with Steve Jennings at the 2020 Work Truck Show. If you’d like to read more about BOSS on Snow Plow News, click here.