BOSS Drag Pro Rear Plow Increases Productivity

Boss introduced their Drag Pro rear mounted plow. This powerful new plow will have three models including an 8ft fixed wing, 8-12ft expanding wing and a 8-16ft expanding wing. The rear mounted plow was a request coming from their customers and distribution network. They have been wanting a back blade and new rear mounted plow.

 Great Network to Pull From

With their great distribution network and fans of the rear mounted plows, Boss knows they can deliver quality service parts and excellent service their distributors provide. Quality products backed by great customer service are all you can ask for.

 You’re in Full Control

Features of the BOSS Drag Pro rear mounting plow to note include the full control valve. You are able to address speed by raising and lowering your plow. You can also switch on the back to raise or lower the plow. This is handy when you need to attach or detach your plow from the truck.

Easy to Use

The BOSS wing edges re urethane edges with molded-in snow catches. At your catch point, you won’t have any trails. It will be just like the front blade snow catcher on the front of your plow. Easy to use and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up your trails.

Advocates for the Back Blade

BOSS is pleased with the positive response from the back blade. There are many advocates for the product and BOSS will deliver what is needed. Users of the back blade claim they are 20-30% more efficient vs when they do not have a back blade. The huge boost in productivity may just be worth giving a look at a back blade.