Bonnell Titan Leaf System – For When You Need to Move More Than Snow

Snow Plow News talks to Jerry Van Buren from Titan Leaf Solutions about its new leaf vacuum, The Olympian.

August 2, 2022 | Emma Tyborski

Titan Leaf Solutions is a division of Bonnell Industries that manufactures municipal leaf vacuums. Titan Leaf Solutions has been manufacturing leaf vacuums for the last 11 years and they have recently debuted their newest design, The Olympian Model.

The Olympian Model is a self-contained unit that is similar to Titan’s Spartan line. The Olympian Model has several new options and improvements, which help productivity and is a great addition to the Titan Leaf Solutions product line.

One of the main differences of the Olympian Model is the 180 degree swing on the boom, it reaches out an additional two feet, so it reaches out about 12 feet. Additionally, the Olympian has three different downdraft options.

Titan Leaf Solutions has been growing its dealer network throughout the country, adding new dealers every year. New products and new innovations are always being developed in the Titan engineering department. They are continuously working on improving to meet the needs and suggestions from the end user.

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