Bonnell Front Mount Patrol Wing Review

We met with Joe Bonnell at Bonnell Industries to discuss their new front mount patrol wing snow plow.

Bonnell Industries tends to build everything “heavy duty,” to withstand the heavy use a municipal snow plow needs to take, and their front mount patrol wing is no exception.  It has a trip edge cutting blade to minimize the impact when the plow hits objects hidden under the snow and a rear hill lift cylinder which keeps the wing plow on the ground.

Side wings can greatly improve the productivity of a single rig when tackling roadways, but the danger of a side impact plow is the uneven distribution of force to the frame when the plow takes a hit since a trip edge reduces but certainly cannot eliminate all the effects from hitting objects on the roadway.  The centrally mounted plow on the front end sees less of this problem because there is distribution of impact force more evenly throughout the frame.

To help alleviate the issue of impact force on a single side of the frame, Bonnell designed a new heavy-duty front side plate hitch.  The design allows the plow hitch to be mounted closer to the axel where the frame is sturdier than on the end.  The side mount plow hitch is also designed to take more of the impact, so less force is delivered to the frame rail in the first place.

Joe Bonnell says Bonnell Industries sees a lot of repeat business because of the durability of their products.  “We take great pride in our quality and durability, so we do tend to build a higher quality product maybe a little heavier built than some of our competition, but we are building products to last for the long haul.”