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A Look at Bonnell Industries

In this edition of Snow Plow News, we’ll take a look at Bonnell Industries, one of the leading distributors of truck equipment in the industry.

Bonnell Industries began as a small home business in 1960. Over fifty-five years later, Bonnell now resides in a 61,000 square foot facility and is one of the largest truck equipment distributors in the area. While originally a welding service, they have grown into a leading manufacturer of snow plows, salt spreaders and truck equipment. Bonnell is a major supplier of snow and ice removal equipment for cities and towns all over the country. The headquarters for Bonnell Industries is located in Dixon, Illinois.

Check out the video above to see how the Commander rules the winter roads.

Bonnell Introduces The Commander Multi-Purpose Truck Bodies

Bonnell Commander

Bonnell’s Commander Series truck body is built for big trucks. This unit won’t fit on a ½ ton pickup truck. To rule the road with one of these bad boys, you’ll need to look into  Class 7 and Class 8 big trucks. This is serious equipment for large snow removal operations. Bonnell specializes in meeting the needs of municipal road management.

The Commander Is A Year Round, Multi-Functional Big Truck Body

The Commander big truck body is the result of an impressive engineering effort. The all-new design makes use of a prism shape that tapers toward the middle and back of the unit. This allows for efficient movement of material to the center of the dump body without having to raise it. It’s designed to serve year round as a salt spreader and pre-melt applicator in winter months, and dump body throughout the rest of the year.  You can also get the body with a conveyor or dual auger bottom.

Bonnell Conveyor Truck Body in RedBonnell double auger truck body in Yellow

Take a look at our videos showing these bodies in action spreading spreading road salt!

Check out the video above to see how the Commander rules the winter roads.

Bonnell Commander Truck Body Features

Bonnell Commander Truck

  • Built to accommodate high capacity pre-wetting tank systems
  • Tapered design handles compacted and odd or uneven shaped material for easy dumping
  • Commander bodies available in carbon, stainless steel and more
  • Front discharge center conveyor for front spread capabilities
  • Adjustable feed gate
  • AWS compliant weld standards
  • Reinforced fabricated log-sills and cross-member for additional structural support
  • Summer conveyor floor cover
  • Twin pneumatic cylinders lock tailgate into position with over-center latches
  • Stainless sub-floor protects under-body from corrosion

Are you a snow and ice removal professional with a big operation? Are you responsible for keeping roads clear in your municipality? Visit Bonnell Industries for more information on their full line of Work Trucks Now Equipment.

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This article was updated December 1, 2016, for renewed accuracy.