Blizzard Snow Plows: Truck & Non-Truck Snow Removal

In this episode of SnowPlowNews we hear from snow & ice industry leader, Blizzard, about their truck and non-truck product lines.

Blizzard manufactures a well rounded line of snow & ice removal equipment for trucks, skid-steers, backhoes, loaders, and UTVs. They introduced the industries first hydraulically adjustable, expandable wing snow plow. Blizzard has distinguished itself as industry leaders in snow & ice and continues to expand it’s operations through product development and innovation.

blizzard logoOne of the primary concerns for contractors is their efficient use of equipment. A skid-steer sitting unused is a wasted opportunity. A UTV could be spreading salt or pushing snow instead of just sitting idle. This is the focus of Blizzard technicians when they begin the process of research and development. Contractors want their investments to pay off in a healthier bottom line. That’s achieved by using equipment that has been engineered to withstand the harsh conditions. More time moving snow and less time on repairs equals more productivity and profitability.

Blizzard Built The Original Adjustable Wing Snow Plow

The Blizzard Power Plow snowplow is the original adjustable wing plow. It’s independently Power Plow on truckcontrolled wings adjust to provide the perfect position every time.

Angle the plow for wind-rowing and the wings adjust to reduce spill-off. Use it for pushing and piling snow and the wings angle inward for more efficient maneuvering around corners. It’s efficiency outpaces V-Plows that have a hard time with cornering performance. Hydraulic wing extensions allow the user to expand the moldboard to increase carrying capacity.

The Power Plow is built using heavy-duty A-frame construction. It’s built to endure the harsh operating conditions and provide stability for years of plowing. The full-trip mechanism protects the plow and your vehicle when hidden objects get in the way.

The Blizzard Speedwing Snow Plow

speedwingThe Speedwing is a simple-to-use plow featuring automatic wings that find the correct angle regardless of blade position. Use it for wind-rowing or straight ahead plowing and improve your flexibility and productivity.

Both of these plows are available for truck and non-truck applications in a variety of sizes. Check out the full line of snow and ice equipment online. Locate a Blizzard dealer nearest to you.

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Brent Jarvis for SnowPlowNews