Niche Snow Plow Manufacturer Survives in a Sea of Giants

Blackline plow on a green ATV

Industry Spotlight: Blackline Snow Plows

Blackline Snow Plows is known for making their niche market plows that are designed to work hard on ATVs, UTVs, Mini-Trucks, and even Zero Turn mowers.  The question is, how does a little snow plow manufacturer survive in an industry with such big names as Douglas Dynamics and Toro?  They survive at being really good at something the big dogs are weaker in.

Blackline strives to be really good at snow plows for a wide variety of small vehicles.  Blackline was bought out in 2015 and is striking out to dominate in its niche.  Chuck Kimmel is now general manager for the company.  Chuck has been in the snow and ice removal industry for over 40 years, and he is really excited about what Blackline offers.  Chuck is also excited about the new direction the company has taken under his tenure.

Why a Blackline Snow Plow?

Focusing on their niche for years has allowed Blackline to figure out how to make their snow plow compatible with probably the widest range of small vehicles, from ATVs to mini-trucks.  Beyond the range of vehicles, Blackline has many features that make them an attractive buy.

Hitch receiver for a Blackline plow.

First off, the hitch system is based on either a 2” or 1 ¼” receiver hitch mounted to the vehicle.  Mounting the plow becomes a snap, just slide the plow into the receiver, put the pin in place, hookup power, and you are off and plowing.

The Blackline plow has a huge 17” clearance to match the off-roading capabilities of some of the more popular vehicles you can put this plow on.  The Blackline plow is also a full trip plow, has power angle adjustments, a dash mountable controller, and replaceable moldboard.

Blackline has also overcome one of the most common problems in the ATV/UTV plow market.  Because these small style plows are so light, the average ATV/UTV plow can ride up on hard packed snow and if you want to back drag…well, get the shovel out instead.  Blackline solves both of these problems by using its hydraulics to put up to 600 lbs. of downward pressure on the edge of the plow, keeping the plow on the ground where it belongs.  This downward pressure also allows more weight distributed to the back wheels for superior handling on wet pavement.

Hydraulics on the Blackline Snow Plow

An extra benefit Blackline threw in is “bulldozer mode.”  Simply insert a couple of pins to prevent the blade from tripping, then you can use the Blackline plow like a bulldozer on landscaping.  We watched the Blackline move some impressive piles of heavy mud making you wonder what a Blackline couldn’t push around.

USA Snow Plow Manufacturing

Most of the plow components are manufactured in western Michigan, near Hastings and Grand Rapids.  The corporate headquarters are a little further northwest in Norton Shores, Michigan.  Good steel, powder coat finish, easy usability, and engineering excellence make the Blackline Snow Plows something you can appreciate.