Mistakes That New Snow Contractors Make

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New Snow Contractor Mistakes

Snow Plow News talked to several industry experts to get their opinion on the biggest mistakes that new snow contractors make with equipment purchasing and snow and ice management service operation.

We started off with Rondo Ziegler from Rondo Enterprises & Trailers who warned that a lot of snow contractors think that a half ton truck is enough, but you can’t really run a V-plow (or bigger) very well with a half ton.

Eric Flores from Push-N-Pull in Pennsylvania said that he sees a lot of guys who neglect the maintenance on their equipment. He reminded contractors to grease the bearings and stop leaving salt in the hopper overnight. When you leave salt in the hopper, it freezes up and you waste a lot of time and energy chiseling the salt free in the early mornings when you could be out plowing.

Tod Bozer of Bob’s Services in Alaska says that they focus on trying to keep contractors from making mistakes by buying the right plow for the job. For example, a parking lot is best cleared by a straight blade with box wings. When you need to break apart snow and ice, a V-plow is the way to go.

Here’s what other experts had to say:

“A lot of times it’s no upgrading to what they want upfront. Being interested in a V-Plow but not wanting to spend the extra thousand dollars or whatever the difference is when they should have done that right from the start.”



“The biggest thing is that they don’t know how to plow and they usually abuse the truck and they plow by trying to put something too big on it.”



“The biggest mistake is probably not buying the right truck of the bat – matching the job to the truck and what they are going to do as far as future expansion… it’s more expensive to buy a less quality product than it is to get a good product and spend a little more money upfront because your cost of ownership goes way down.”



New Snow Contractor Mistakes Video

Watch the full video to see what all the dealers we met with had to say about common mistakes made by new snow and ice contractors.

If you’re a new snow contractor, the best thing you can do it read up on all the news and tips you can find. Good news! You are in the right place! Kick your feet up and stay awhile on the Snow Plow News blog.

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