Bigger Storm Next Week? 12/11/19 Forecast

Break out the long johns today if you are in Canada, the Dakotas, Midwest down into the Ohio Valley and even the Tennessee Valley! The arctic blast hit last night and will continue until tomorrow. For snow, you’ll just see some lake effect snow off Lake Superior and Lake Erie that will move east. Tomorrow Wisconsin and Minnesota will get hit by a clipper that moves up into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan before it fades a bit in Southern Ontario across portions of Quebec. The next snow system will follow that same path into the early weekend. The Southeast will experience a lot of rain towards the end of the week.

12/11/19 Weather Forecast from Neoweather

After the Arctic cold moves through today and tomorrow, we’ll see some moderate temperatures across most of the country. The exception is in the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest where it will still be cold enough for some snow for the weekend. The Colorado Rockies will also see some snow over the weekend.

Hold on to your show shovel! The next big weather maker will come through on Tuesday of next week. It kicks up on the Lower Midwest and moves northeast across the country. Since there is cold weather on the back half of this system, it has the potential for some pretty decent snow and lake effect snow. We’ll have to see how it tracks going into next week.

12/11/19 Weather Map from Neoweather
12/11/19 Weather Map from Neoweather

Get ready to continue our roller coaster ride! Temperatures are going to be up and down a lot through the next week and a half. Then things warm up a bit around the Dec 18-25th especially across the Central United States. But watch out as we move into January when we expect winter to really settle in.

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