Big Snow Followed By an Arctic Blast This Week!

It’s time to bundle up and rev up those snowplow trucks if you are in the Great Lakes area and Northeast this week. Wednesday is expected to bring about a half foot of snow to the I-80 corridor and a major arctic blast will follow the storm (but not last long). Check out all the details in Brian Ivey’s video and in the summary that follows.

2/11/20 Weather Forecast Video from Neoweather

This week kicks off with lots of flooding rains in the deep south before that system moves across the East Coast and off our radar. That gives us plenty of time to watch the next major system brew up in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles on Wednesday – and this one will be a doozy! The system will build and build as it moves across the country to the northeast. It will start to shake things up big time in Kansas, and drop several inches of snow. The front will continue to move into Illinois and the Ohio Valley… then, Bam! Another system will move down from the north and slam into it, giving the system an arctic boost for even more impact. This will create a good stripe of snow across I-80 and to the north. Michigan will get dumped on again, and the system will move across upstate New York and into New England on Thursday. Wrap around cold air and moisture on the backside of this system will create more snow in the Great Lakes region as well.

2/11/20 Weather Map showing snow from Neoweather
2/11/20 Weather Map showing snow from Neoweather

You might be able to relax after this storm rolls through, but don’t plan on enjoying any warmth! Temperatures WELL below zero will cover the Upper Midwest after the storm on Friday and into Saturday. Widespread lows of -5 to -20 degrees are expected across much of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Northern Illinois. Michigan and Ohio will see single digits.

2/16/20 Pacific Northwest Snow Map from NeoweatherSaturday might bring a clipper down from Canada bringing more snow into Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. However, the next big storm is laying its foundation over in the Pacific Northwest starting on Sunday. That storm is expected to track further north along the Canadian border and Northern Great Lakes region while the rest of the Midwest starts to warm up a bit. The rest of the country will have milder weather going into next week with some rain in parts of the East. After all this activity, average to above average temperatures are expected in most of the country next week. The middle of February overall is expected to be warmer than average will just a bit of cooler area in some areas.

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