Big Nor’ Easter Snow Hits East Coast This Weekend (Jan 22 – 24, 2016)

Meteorologist Rob Guarino reports from Syracuse for a SnowPlowNews update. Syracuse is getting dumped on while in the midst of a heavy lake squall. Current models are indicating a big snow storm coming to the East coast region this weekend.



It’s pretty safe to say, “we called it”. The first real snow storm of the season is on its way to the East coast and should arrive early this weekend. The question is, “how big will this one be”?

Forecast Models Lining Up To Indicate A Big Snow On East Coast

Jan 19 snowstorm east coastIt’s official, this storm has a name; JONUS. Models are now consistently pointing towards a big snow storm and it appears to be arriving this weekend, starting somewhere around 3-6pm Friday, January 22 and continuing through till Sunday, January 24, between 12am-3am.

The European forecast model has been the most consistent over the last few days while the other models are starting to line up. All indications are pointing to this being the ‘real deal’. As the system moves in from the Southeast and the two jet streams come together, we’ll have a pretty nasty storm to deal with.

Expect Significant Snow Fall This Weekend Out East

jan19 FC grphicWe’re expecting serious snowfalls in the neighborhood of 12 inches or more from D.C. to Boston and possibly further north. That’s the good news. Some of the East coast areas could see as much as 20 inches. We’ll keep you posted as more details become available. We’re checking and comparing forecast models regularly to make sure you’re informed and ready for the upcoming Nor’ Easter.

As of now, we’re looking at:


90% Chance of 1-4 inches
70% Chance of 4-8 inches
55% Chance of 8-16 inches
33% Chance of 16+ inches

Make sure you keep an eye on this one. We’ll be reporting any new developments here on SnowPlowNews. Here’s another option for receiving the latest weather reports: Sign up for SPN’s online newsletter and get all of the updates delivered right to your inbox.

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