Best Buyers SnowDogg Plow Features

Snow Plow News caught up with a Buyers Products Dealer to talk about what they like best about these plows. See what he shared!

October 14, 2021 | Dawn Krueger

Buyers SnowDogg VXFll snowplow at 2020 Work Truck Show

Snow Plow News talks with dealers, distributors, manufacturers, and loads of people involved in the snow and ice management industry to find and share the very best products in the market. Will Fries (aka “Will the Welder”) met with Dale Chestnut on our behalf from Double D Services in Verona, Wisconsin. We know that Dale has been a dealer for Buyers Products for several years so we wanted to know what he likes best about SnowDogg plows. Keep reading to see what Dale had to say.

Top Features of Buyers SnowDogg Plows

Dale has been selling Buyers plows since 1992. In fact, he was one of the first SnowDogg dealers they ever had. He said he recognized their value and quality right away, so they signed on. He likes that all Buyers plows come standard as stainless steel. That’s the best product out there, so it’s good that they come that way without any additional fees.

Next Dale really likes how easy it is to get service done on a SnowDogg plow. Buyers has highly trained professionals on their team who provide outstanding customer support quickly. He also likes their extensive product line up. Buyers makes every kind of plow you can imagine for residential, commercial, and municipality use.

The price point of Buyers plows is also something Dale sees as a huge advantage for them. He says they are a really good value – a great plow for the dollar! Whether you need a plow for your UTV, skid steer, light-duty pick up, 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, 1+ ton, or any size, SnowDogg can help! Enter your truck specs and use their plow finder to see what models are available for you!

Buyers RapidLink Attachment System

The RapidLink Attachment System is amazing for quickly mounting and dismounting SnowDogg plows. Contractors can fine-tune the mounting height of their plow with a drop-leg and hydraulically powered “Jack Switch.” This system makes it easy to change the mounting height and hook up or detach even on uneven ground and/or with different truck heights.

Wireless Sander from Meyer Products

More Buyers SnowDogg Plow Features

There are a number of other important features that dealers and contractors love about SnowDogg. For example, you can choose between ultra-bright LED lights with active defrosting technology or high-intensity halogens. The floating A-Frame helps the plow contour to the ground for super clean scraping at any height. It also features double-acting 1-3/4 inch angle cylinders for powerful back dragging even in tight spaces.

Video on Buyers Products Features

Watch the video from our interview with Dale below. Want to know more about SnowDogg by Buyers? Just keep reading Snow Plow News articles on Buyers Products or contact Buyers today!

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