ASV Introduces its RT-50 Posi-Track Loader

ASV Holdings Inc. introduced their new compact RT-50 Posi-Track loader this week and it should be ready to ship spring of 2020.  This new track loader is meant to complete their lineup, filling in the gap between their RT-40 and RT-65 track loaders. 

One highlight of the RT-50 is it can carry more weight (1400 pounds operating capacity) than tractors similar in size among its competition (often only 1000 pounds operating capacity).  That extra 40% carry capacity means you can get more done with the RT-50 in tight spaces than units of similar size.  The unit is light enough to be transported on a trailer pulled by a half ton truck.

Justin Rupar, ASV’s Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, shared, “The new RT-50 fits into a size class our customers were asking for.  We’re excited to offer the machine as an extremely versatile compact track loader for its class. The RT-50’s size and capabilities will make it very attractive to both existing and new ASV customers. It offers exceptional value to a wide range of industries due to its groundbreaking design and performance features, allowing operators to complete tasks in places other machines aren’t able to.”

The unit has a high ground clearance allowing you to get through rougher areas that may include logs or large rocks.  It has a high pin height, too, so you can load small dump trucks with this lighter weigh machine without needing to resort to a larger unit.  Another plus is the hydraulic coolers with large lines allow for better cooling capability with high flow.

ASV tells us that its undercarriage design allows for a lot of pushing power on steep inclines in slippery conditions suggesting that it would be a good piece of equipment for snow removal.  We know a lot of you, like us, will be skeptical since the weight dispersion from tracks often makes it harder to push wet, heavy snow.  Many people prefer snow tires on their skid steer to get as much downward force as possible on the rubber touching the pavement for maximum grip.

If you would like to learn more about the ASV RT-50, you can check it out at: