ASCA – Providing Resources & Education

ASCA is an association that provides resources, training and certifications as they work to better represent the snow and ice professionals to the outside world.

 So, Should You Join?

Why should you join? Number one to help yourself. The ASCA has developed industry standards are the basis of everything they do. It’s the strongest foundation to have within an association.

More than just being Part of a Group

Those that have followed the standards and earned the certifications have actually improved their frequency of getting litigations against them dismissed from 35% to 70%. That is significant. If you are a contractor and can earn the certifications and follow the standards they’ve put in place, you’ve got a strong foundation within the ASCA.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Not convinced? You could become more marketable as well. You will have better procedures and set yourself up for success. If you follow the right thigs to do, you will be successful.

Support the company that has your back in the snow and ice management industry.

 Learn and Become a Better Company

Overall, the ASCA helps you learn more, become a better company to the outside world and sets you up for success. If you want to learn more about the laws they have changed and the laws they are working on changing, visit