73 Tons of Snow an Hour

Ariens Deluxe Snow Thrower

EZ-Launch EFI Brings more Power and Control

Ariens Company is releasing what they call their EZ-Launch EFI engine this year.  Why should you care?  More control, less fuel, longer life, easier operation, and 73 tons of snow per hour might get you interested.  They are the first we know of to use an electronic governor on a snow thrower engine to equip you with the ultimate snow thrower for commercial use.  Let us break down why their new engine boasts being the better buy for the contractor market.

EFI Governor Makes a Big Difference

An electronic fuel injector makes all the difference in the world.  The near instant reaction of an electronic governor means when all of a sudden you hit some hard pack snow, you are a lot less likely to kill or even significantly slow the engine.  Unlike traditional small engine governors, it also runs at maximum efficiency regardless of weather conditions, which means you use less fuel and only the exact amount of power you need to do the same job you did before EFI.

The electronic governor also means that this engine is simple to start and simple to use, even for your simplest employee.  You just put the key into the “on” position, pull the cord (or keep turning the key if you have the electric start), and you are throwing tons of snow.

We were able to talk to Amanda Marsicek, Product Manager at Ariens Company, and what she pointed out is that the engine is really about ease of use and giving you a lot better control.  Just turn the key and “take one easy pull” on the recoil, or even better, use the electric start feature, and you are throwing snow.

Ariens Professional Snow Thrower in front of Barn

Marsicek also pointed out the electronic governor will bring you more reliable operation year in and year out than with the more traditional mechanical or pneumatic governors.  The whole system is designed to keep you working and not in the repair shop.

Beyond the easy start, the controls are all at your fingertips on the snow thrower’s easy to use control dashboard.  You can precisely dictate engine speed, and it does not matter what changes while you are clearing a path, that engine speed is going to remain the same.  You can go from a lightly packed snow drift to hard packed snow a plow dumped at the end of the driveway, and this snow-thrower won’t ever miss a beat, the power is automatically adjusted to keep the augers spinning at the same speed.

EFI Engine Has More Surprises

One feature we were please to find was the sealed fuel system.  No more draining the fuel and burning off anything remaining in the system (and still getting a gummed up carburetor).  Just ensure you have fuel stabilizer in your fuel, run the stabilized fuel through your system for a bit, and let the machine sit for the season.  The sealed fuel system keeps the fuel from gumming up, so you are already set to go for the next season.

Ariens Platnimum Snow Thrower

The Snow Thrower the EFI Powers

The Ez-Start EFI system is on Ariens’ Deluxe and Platinum models of snow throwers.  While similar, the Deluxe series has a little less power and throwing distance, but it is available at Home Depot as well as Ariens’ dealer network.  The Platinum models can throw 10% further and is only available through their dealer network.

If you are a contractor, you will be glad to find a lot of essential features like a quick turn 200° chute, and auto-turning for tight corners plus accessories like cab protection and chains.  If you need even more power, their professional models boast of up to a 36” clearance width, almost a full 24” of height clearance, and come with drift cutters to get through those big drifts (note: the EFI is not available on all models yet, but even without EFI, these snow throwers kick some tail).

If you deal with some steep hills that need to be cleaned with a snow thrower, I will add that that you can trade in your tires for a track drive system giving you the best traction available.  Nothing can cut through the snow on hilly terrain better than the snow throwers with a track drive system, making this snow thrower unbeatable for steep inclines.

Ariens Snow Thrower with Tracks

A Heavy Duty Snow Thrower for Heavy Duty Contractors

There is nothing about the Ariens line-up that tries to be low end or vanilla.  Consistent with their reputation, these snow throwers were designed with contractors and facility managers in mind.  The auger can chew through hard pack snow in no time.  The machines are easy to maintain and easy to use.

Ariens also ensures these units can take the intense use that snow plow professionals and facility managers demand.  The handle bars are beefed up, the gear box is cast iron, and the housing can handle some knocking around yet even their cheapest unit is reliable and cleans to the ground.

Yes, These Snow Throwers Move a Lot of Snow!

The largest Ariens Professional snow thrower can move snow at the rate of up to 102 tons an hour and can land that snow exactly where you want.  If you have a lot of territory to cover where a snow plow just can’t reach, these snow throwers make a great option.  These machines really do throw snow, up to 60 feet away, and they breeze right through high snow drifts and hard pack snow.

We could tell you in our own words how easy it is for these machines to move snow, but we just couldn’t help quoting one online reviewer of this product who said, “I used to have trouble getting the end of the driveway after the plows went through, not anymore, this thing eats through snow like a pack of hyena’s eating a gazelle.”  That is some good snow moving power.

Matching Smaller Snow Throwers

If you like to keep your equipment similar, Ariens also carries some single stage snow throwers for lighter units you can throw in the back of the truck.  These units are ideal for quick cleanup of sidewalks and other places it is hard to reach with a snow plow.  The Ariens Path-Pro line is filled with hard-working units that can be as light as only 87 pounds.  Of course, with only a 12 housing height and 21-inch width, these are only ideal for small snows and short sidewalk runs.

Ultimately, our favorite has to be the EZ-Start EFI units that are easy to use, easy to maintain, and will chew through snow quick as lightning.  If you have a job to do, then use the machine that is going to get that job done fast and easy.

This article is by Staff Reporter Jeff Serafin who has been following the industry since 2006.