Arctic – DoubleDown Salt Bucket

Arctic’s New Featured Product

Arctic featured their new product at the 21stAnnual Snow & Ice Symposium in Cleveland. The new product is the DoubleDown Salt Bucket. This product puts you in control. Take control over spreading, distance, density and direction. You can also save salt and costs with the efficiency of the product and controls

You are in Control of Spreading & Broadcasting

The DoubleDown Salt Bucket is capable of spreading an 80ft path. The salt bucket actually loads salt with the machine and spreads the salt on your desired path. With twin spinners and twin augers, you are able to spread equally left and right. The independent controls give you maximum flexibly and capability while spreading salt. Take control of your spreading and broadcasting your materials.

 Great Response, Ready to Go

This full patented salt bucket is now available for orders and has had a tremendous response over the last year. Take control and don’t let a spreader decide where your salt lands. Artic’s DoulbeDown Salt Bucket takes the lead and makes your job as the operator a breeze.