A Dry Spell After Cristobal – For How Long?

This week will start off with active weather and warm summer heat as Tropical Storm Cristobal moves up through the country into Canada. It is expected to continue on its path through the Midwest and western Great Lakes bringing the risk of heavy rain and possible tornadoes early this week.

6/9/20 Weekly Weather Forecast from Neoweather

After Cristobal moves into Canada, we expect to see the potential for a line of severe weather in its wake. That system is predicted for Wednesday and Thursday as a narrow line stretching from Northern Michigan all the way down through Atlanta. That line of storms moves east quickly and moves out the highest risk of severe weather for some time. It is expected to bring precipitation totals of up to 3.5″ in some areas, but most of the Ohio Valley will see an inch or less.

What does Cristobal look like in living color? Check it out here:

After Cristobal moves through we’ll see a much drier pattern across the United States for a while. By Friday and over the weekend most of the country will be dry with the exception of a bit of scattered activity across the Northeast and a system may brew up in the Pacific Northwest on Saturday. The Northwest system will be more widespread and bring more consistent rain. Most of the country is expected to remain dry through most of next week and possibly even longer.

Precipitation anomalies through June 21st show slightly below or well below-average precipitation for the entire country with the only exception being in the Northwest. A band stretching from Seattle down to north of San Francisco and west to Denver and Rapid City, Iowa is expected to be slightly above average precipitation. This could change if another tropical system develops in the Gulf, but for now, we expect well below-average precipitation in the Southeast.

Temperatures are expected to start off warm this week with all the other activity, but then as Cristobal moves out, a bit of cooler weather takes its place. The hot spot remains in the Central U.S. as cooler temps move in on both coasts for the weekend.

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