66% of Snow and Ice for 35% of the Population

plowed lotOnly about 35% of the United States Population are in states that account for 65% of the snow and ice removal spend. While every state gets snow or ice during some winters (even Hawaii gets snow on the top of some mountains), it certainly isn’t a level playing field.

New York Biggest Consumer of Snow Removal


The northeastern states (New York and states east of New York) have the highest snow and ice revenues, but that is mostly because New York state by itself accounts for about $2.5 Billion of the total $18+Billion US market (that means New York accounts for almost 14% of the entire industry revenues from non-government customers).

Yet New York takes a back seat to Colorado when it comes to approximate dollars spent per person ($111 for New York vs $265 for Colorado).  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why.  New York City gets an average 27 inches of snow a year while Denver gets about 81 inches a year.  Colorado just gets a whole lot more snow.


400,000 People in the Snow and Ice Industry

If you are part of the Snow and Ice industry in North America, you are part of an estimated 400,000-person army out there keeping people safe.  You cover 43,500 square miles of paved surfaces, which is about as large as the state of Ohio.  Just in parking lots and driveways alone you clear an estimated 500-750 million parking spaces worth of pavement.  Do you know how big that is?  750,000,000 parking spaces is more than twice the population of the United States and Canada combined.

The snow and ice industry serves to keep people safe, yet snow and ice accidents account for 25% of the total slip and fall accidents in North America.  Those accidents send 2.25 million people to the hospital every year averaging 11 lost work days and $28,000 in costs for every accident.  Because of the urgent need to keep public and private spaces safe along with the inevitability of snow and ice, the industry will stay on solid footing for a long time.

Snow Industry Expects Continued Growth


At 3.2% expected growth, the industry is expected to outpace GDP growth (2.5%) because of growth in commercial construction as well as growth in commercial occupancy creates more opportunities for the industry.  With a growing market, new technologies, and a guarantee of snow it looks like the snow and ice industry will continue to enjoy opportunities for those who participate.

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Written by staff writer Jeff Serafin

Source: Martin Tirado of www.sima.org