50 Degree Drop in Temps!? Will it Warm Up?

Saying things really cooled off suddenly this week is a total understatement! A system really cooled things down in the Rockies and even brought some significant snow with it. After moving out, some significant rain came in. While the cool weather sticks around in the central regions, warmth continues in the west and southeast through next week.

9/9/2020 Weekly Weather Forecast

If you live out West you saw 40-50 degree drops in temperature Tuesday and Wednesday. That was accompanied by a big snowstorm east of the Rockies that continued until Wednesday. That snow turned into a large rain front by the time it hit the Colorado state line. So lots of precipitation from all the way up in the U.P. down to San Antonio, Texas in one wide swath of a system. That system clears up on the northern and southern ends, but remains active in the middle of the country through the week.

9/10/2020 Weather Map showing precipitation
9/10/2020 Weather Map showing precipitation

This weekend is expected to be wet in the Great Lakes and East. No flooding or major events are expected, but several rounds are rain are probably on the way. By Monday the country looks much drier.

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